Canada Seeking to Import CurveBlock Technology

On the heels of signing a deal for investment with Loyal VC, a Canadian based venture capital firm, CurveBlock was contacted by representatives of the Canadian government.

After seeing an article announcing the agreement between CurveBlock and Loyal VC, a UK based representative of the Canadian government reached out to CurveBlock to connect. That contact resulted in a video meeting with CurveBlock and three Canadian government representatives. The Canadians were interested in learning about CurveBlocks business model, especially regarding carbon zero and energy positive developments. The Canadian officials were especially interested in homes being constructed with energy positive methods since Canada has recently committed to phasing out coal burning power plants by 2030. This conversation has led CurveBlock to research Canada’s real estate development codes for possible future growth. The effort for more sustainable energy production is an exciting conversation and the idea that homes can contribute energy to the grid instead of using energy from it makes the conversation more interesting. These types of conversations stand to validate the carbon zero and energy positive direction CurveBlock has taken.

CurveBlock is committed to modern methods of construction utilizing modular construction methods that keep costs comparable but decreases time of construction. Using complete engineering schemes owned by CurveBlock, the company has the flexibility of working with a broad range of factories producing modular homes which facilitates scaling production. The kit required to produce the energy positive result is not new technology. However, it is improved with new applications, using current, high preforming components to give CurveBlock the desired positive outcome. With engineering plans from CurveBlock in hand, presumably, any modular factory in the world should be able to produce the same home as another. With the home energy kit design in hand with specific components outlined, installers around the globe will be able to install the needed technology to make any CurveBlock home, anywhere in the world, carbon zero, energy positive to fulfill the CurveBlock mission.

CurveBlock is currently participating in the 5prinG Green Innovation Challenge sponsored by Wayra, O2, Deloitte, Digital Catapult and West Midlands 5G. Through this accelerator, CurveBlock has found new partners and technology to integrate into their energy positive homes. One of the technologies would allow a whole house monitoring system that monitors both production and consumption of energy as well as the ability to diagnose any possible future faults within their homes. The ability to monitor faults in real time using 5G technology would reduce maintenance costs of a CurveBlock home. CurveBlock is also looking to integrate community features like self-sustaining streetlights that will power themselves with both wind and solar. These lights would be deployed in CurveBlock communities and also allow for charging electric bikes, scooters and possibly vehicles and yes, your mobile devices while enjoying the outdoors. The same partner also produces solar powered benches for with the same charging ability.

CurveBlock is committed to bringing the latest technology to our homes and communities that will all work to reduce our individual carbon footprint on the world all while improving each resident’s quality of life. All of these factors working together will allow CurveBlock to meet its goal of having a positive impact on our environment and community.

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