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Investment Info

If you are interested in investing at this stage, the welcome email you will receive once you confirm your email address contains details on how to access the CurveBlock funding page.

Note standard KYC checks will need to be completed before any CBUK tokens can be issued.

Monthly News

Each month we keep our VIP subscribers updated on what is going on behind the scenes with Team CurveBlock.

Occasionally there will be special announcements outside of the monthly schedule.

What next?

  1. Head over to your email and make sure you confirm your free subscription.
  2. Within 24hrs you will receive your first mailing – this includes the Seed info.
  3. Follow CurveBlock on Twitter, Facebook and Telegram and join in the discussions (optional)
  4. Keep a lookout around the beginning of each month for the CurveBlock Newsletter arriving in your email.


NOTE: We will need you to pass KYC verification checks prior to using your CBUK on the CurveBlock Exchange or other platforms.

Details on the KYC process will be provided.