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CurveBlock FAQ.

We will strive to answer your questions with the video FAQ journey. Please email invest at if you have a question we don’t answer here.

What is CurveBlock?

Who is CurveBlock for?

Why should I care about CurveBlock?

Is the platform hard to understand?

How can we explain the platform journey of CurveBlock?

How do I qualify for a revenue share?

Do you have other key collaborators?

How much investment is required to get involved?

Can I buy more tokens at a later date?

Can I exit quickly if needed?

How does it track my profits?

Do I have to be staked to vote?

Will you be on other platforms & exchanges?

How is CurveBlock going to scale globally?

Will you also flip developments?

How does the charity element work?

Can I follow each developments progress?

Who is the target market when selling real estate?

Can I learn how to build homes myself?