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Invest in property development projects in return for a share in the profit.



We strive to comply with all legal requirements in all jurisdictions to ensure safety for all parties.


“Buying real estate is not only the best way, the quickest way, the safest way, but the only way to become wealthy.” - Marshall Field, entrepreneur


CurveBlock aims to allow investments from just about anywhere.

CurveBlock is a platform that uses blockchain technology to enable people to invest in property development projects in return for a share of the profit.

  1. Step 1 Buy CurveBlock Tokens on the CurveBlock exchange (with GBP/USD/EUR/ETH)
  2. Step 2 Stake your tokens against projects in the staking wallet
  3. Step 3 When the projects are completed the properties are sold
  4. Step 4 CurveBlock donates 5% of gross profits to CurveBlock Helps, our nonprofit organization. Token holders vote on the recipients to receive assistance.
  5. Step 5 The rest of the profits are shared out with staked token holders & CurveBlock
  6. Step 6 Choose to re-invest your revenue share and postpone taxes or cash out.

Purchase your CurveBlock tokens

Real Estate Investments Using Blockchain.

CurveBlock is a Centralised Exchange which allows token holders to stake their tokens against Real Estate Developments for a share of the profits once built and sold.

Your profits (revenue) are paid via a secondary stable token to avoid market volatility or in fiat.

Your tokens can stay staked against all developments for continued passive income. The CurveBlock exchange will offer liquidity should you need to cash out.

CurveBlock will provide a smart contract staking wallet, powered by Blockchain.

CurveBlock won’t be wasting money to get listed on other exchanges, removing the risk of market manipulators damaging the value of your tokens via questionable trading activities.

5% of every Development will be donated to CurveBlock Helps our nonprofit charity, and the recipients of the assistance will be chosen by you.

Each token includes charity and project voting rights.

Starting in phase two, pre-vetted Independent Real Estate Developers will also be allowed to showcase on the CurveBlock Exchange, effectively making CurveBlock one of the largest global Real Estate Development Companies.

CurveBlock aims to be a recession proof model, so no matter what the market conditions are you still receive your profits (dividends).


  1. 2018

    Q4 2018 Seed Funding

  2. 2019

    Q1 - Q4 Seed Funding
    3/19 NatWest Bank accelerator, first STO accelerated by commercial bank in UK
    Q3 CurveBlock Prototype Released
    Q3 Developments Launched
    Q3 CB admitted to Season 2 of NatWest Accelerator
    Q3 CB asked to mentor Season 1 of NatWest Accelerator
    Q4 Property Development Projects Commence (UK)
    Q4 CB invited into CMS equIP scale-up programme

  3. 2020

    Q1 Platform Wallet available for staking
    Q2 CurveBlock Helps nonprofit created from project profits
    Q3 Property Development Projects Complete
    Project Dividends issued to token holders
    Charity Voting
    New Property Development Projects Start (UK)
    Showcasing of Global independent Property Development Projects
    CurveBlock represented at the Tokyo Paralympics

  4. 2021 + Beyond

    CurveBlock continues to increase scale